Sana cooking

An itinerant restaurant which changes with people, places and seasons.
The recipes are invented and tested by the staff before being served to the customers.
We set our itinerant kitchen on tour at indoor or outdoor music festivals.
We propose to feed people and we can also do the artist catering and the VIP areas.

With Sanacooking we eat healthy, we eat good and homemade. Prepared meals, soups, salads, and energizers drinks.
Un vegetable trip in evolution with people and places.

We encourage the adoption of a local, season and biological food practice. Sanacooking is like an interface between de territories and their own wealth.

The food in harmony with nature: Sanacooking from her and to her.

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1. Concept

A vegetable cooking made with season and local products.
These products have to come from organic farming.

2. Philosophy

Recreate the connection between food and human being for a respectful and responsible consumption.

3. Four mainstays


Sanacooking promotes the relationship between producers and customers by personalizing the food.
This will mean inform the costumers about the local producers with whom we are going to work, the production conditions, the harvest, the transformation and transport of the products. According the ATT/FOP study, done in 2010, 82% of the French want more information about the products origin and also want a law change to make more visible the products way.

We also would like to link the production, the retailing and the consumer goods in the same area.
Thereby we promote not only the local producers but also the local retailing and consumption as well.


SanaCooking invites people to discover or rediscover the seasonal fruits and vegetables. So, we hope to give the possibility to the customers to know the difference between imported products and local seasonal food.

It’s a winning choice as seasonal food is tastier and less expansive. We will display pannels in which we will remind all these items.


Eat seasonal and local food does not mean necessarily to eat organic food. Local producers are not all dedicated to organic food. Sanacooking will contribute to reduce the environmental impact of its retail choices by taking care of the origin of the products. We assure that our products will be free of chemical elements.

Biological eating doesn't mean we are eating in an ecological way. A bio salad that had travelled 5.000 km before come to the plate is less ecological than a local and seasonal one. We really think that the biological concept is more performative and legitimate when associated to local and seasonal concepts.


Our project would not be achieved without an ecological approach. Among the reasons that encourage us to execute this approach we can name: reduce the waste quantities, reduce costs and respect government regulations. In doing so we will recycle waste, use reusable dishes, eco-label cleaner, recyclable packaging.

4. Origins and history of the project

Our reasoning is simple: if we want people to eat local and seasonal food we have to set a good example. We know that such food experience is not only a personal choice but also depends on the access and availability to food.

Additionally we are part of an association named Atomes. Atomes exists for two years, it is an association devoted to produce musical events. We are in charge of the vegetarian stand which Atomes is offering during events. Part of the menus we are offering have been approved by the Atomes’s public. Therefore we know that they love our cooking.

5. Product and benefit


Moving kitchen to serve dishes in place or to take away. A terrace is displayed for the customers.

Technical characteristics


Cooked dishes in place. Local gastronomy and world cooking are our inspiration sources.
The recipes are reinvented and tested by the staff before being served to the customers.


Energy drinks (power patato, Xocolaltl...), salads, soups and convenience food.

Little extra:

Different sauces that everyone can adapt to their own taste.


Various dishes according each meal.


All day long.


Prices are aligned on a public fare.


- A flexible menu; people can personalize their meals.
- A rich choice of ingredients and menus.
- Friendly and natural atmosphere.
- Open-minded, simple and spontaneous personal.
- Quick service.
- Cleanness, hygiene, confidence in food.


Allow costumers vary their choice and eat healthy.


Increase the adoption local, seasonal and biological eating practices.

6. Extra proposals

- Moving show about local producers, local gastronomy (menus and different choice of vegetables) and about the benefits of local,
seasonal and biological eating.

- Resting space: hammac.

- Decoration concept: organic decoration. We can also made with local artefacts.

7. Our customers

Individual’s consumers coming from all around that chose eat local, season and biological products or one of this food practices.

Consumers concerned for production patterns and food origin. Their raisons are health and security. Protect the nature made also part of their concerns.

They eat well without aggressing nature.

8. Service Politics

There are several advantages for environment, economy and society by adopting a local, seasonal and biological eating.


Less kilometers to pick up food, less CO2 emissions. We will be aware not to get food far from 70 Km.

But we have other options to reduce CO2 emissions. Reducing the amount of energy required to thermic treatment and refrigeration of food its also a solution. That’s why we will cook with gaz instead of electricity. There will be no refrigeration, because our products will go directly from the countryside to the plate.


One of the benefits of local and seasonal food supplying is the increase of financial resources in local economy.


Nutrition advantages

Sanacooking has two ways of granting that his food has a greater nutritive value: by the diminution of the delay between the harvest and the consumption by granting that the products are not harvested before the season.

Assuring food healthy conditions

This item concerns the production, the transformation and the trade of the food. We will do our best in these 3 dimensions of food healthy conditions, according international and European rules.

9. Food distribution

In our daily life we by directly from the producers and we will fight to keep this tradition. We will focus in producers that practice the season and biological agriculture. We do not intend to make storage of food, by trying to sell them daily.

10. Final words

Tanks for the attention give to our project. Hope join you in your musical adventure. Think about giving to this food concept the possibility to pass the message.

Rita et Mathieu

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